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Двухместная палатка на крышу автомобиля X-Cover 2.0 Mini

Наличие:в наличии 20 шт.
Артикул:X-Cover 2.0 Mini

Размеры и вес изделия

Длина: 227 см
Ширина: 148 см
Высота: 38 см
Вес: 74 кг
Упаковка: 10 кг
Единиц товара в коробке: 1
416927 ₽

iKamper's smallest and lightest hybrid roof top tent. The X-Cover® 2.0 Mini's design eliminates the PVC cover of traditional roof top tents and replaces it with a tough Rocky Black shell and durable canvas sides. Integrated cross bars mean you can transport bikes, skis, kayaks, and boards as well. Now you only need to choose which gear you want to take.

NOTE: Vehicle cross bars for mounting must be between 22" - 37" to safely install X-Cover® 2.0 Mini. Additional rack systems (bike, kayak, etc) are not included. Product images are for reference purposes only and may differ to a certain extent from the actual product.